Nurture your body, mind, and spirit while enjoying the soothing strings of the harp that weave through Analynn's orchestrations and original compositions.

Guided Imagery & Relaxation Parts I / II  29:07

Sounds of Love  7:28

By the Sea  15:00

Joy  7:38

Lady of the Woods  9:10

Your Comments :

Bravo! It should be in all the spas and health food stores as well as music stores. The original music, the blending of nature and your arrangements are really beautiful!     Gloria H., Music Theatre Director

Excellent! So professional. Everyone is getting one for Christmas!      Sr. Florence, Chaplain/Counselor 

The Lady of the Woods CD is fantastic! The music is great … the part about how to relax is wonderful. It definitely makes you relax.     Donna C., Librarian

Great recording!! I can't wait for the next one.     Dr. Sander, Musician and Educator

Your CD is wonderful! I am going to try the Guided Relaxation at home but the music is tremendous … It has been one of those days - and so has helped greatly!                                                          - Brian D., International union executive

I was so ill and had so much pain … that CD allowed me to sleep for the first time all week!

                                                                                                                                          - Aaron, University post-graduate

Beautiful! Listen to it over and over and over again ...     Dr. Nathan S., Sinologist


I recommend it to everyone who's going through treatment for cancer.     Gloria L., Educator and cancer survivor

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